The Guardian - 1st Carousel Menagerie Series

The Guardian - 1st Carousel Menagerie Series

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 "The Guardian"

Is the first in our Carousel Menagerie Series “Guardian” is a majestic example of the mythical sea horse or hippocampus.  Greek mythology tells us that Poseidon drove a chariot drawn by these magical creatures.

The inspiration for this laser-cut quilt kit comes from our friends at Albany Historic Carousel & Museum in our hometown of Albany, Oregon.  Stop by and visit and you’ll have the opportunity to ride Guardian for yourself.

Finished Size: 44” x 44”

Guardian comes in two different colorways.    The first colorway we call s"Stallion" has a dark seahorse with a bright background and the second we call "Nightmare" has a light blue seahorse with a dark blue background.

All laser cut appliques are pre-fused with HEATnBOND® making them easy to position and iron in place for fast and accurate assembly 

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